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Back with the Bang!

1. We are happy to be funded within the Collaborative Research Centre 1208 for next four years to study protein secretion in Pseudomonas aeruginosa! Athanasios, let's fight the bug!

2. We hosted Dr. Ünal Coskun from Paul Langerhans Institute of Dresden University of Technology as a speaker within the CRC1208. Great scientist and the character!

3. Our article on cryo-EM structure of SecYEG translocon (cooperation with Holger Gohlke, HHU and Roland Beckmann, LMU Munich) appeared in EMBO Reports, and was highlighted with the front cover image!

4. Our Glorious Knight, Michael Kamel, is giving his first conference talk at the German Biophysical Society meeting, Membrane Section in Drübeck, Sachsen-Anhalt. 

5. We are welcoming Yulia Schaumkessel, our new Mighty Helpmate, who is carrying out her Master project to solve all mysteries of membrane protein insertion!

6. There are plenty of projects running in the lab, and we are regularly looking for inspired students to accept the challenge. When interested, please step by the Institute!

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